Sunday, October 14, 2007

Live music alert!

Hello All!

This is a very important post informing you all that my dear friend and artist, Esther Golton is coming to Bellingham to start her tour promoting her CD “Unfinished Houses”.

Esther is a mountain dulcimer player and singer/songwriter…but she is so much more. Please read about Esther here. I think you will agree that, besides being talented and industrious, Esther is a marvelously interesting person. Her engagement with and passion for life is clearly captured in her music. I hope you will take a look too at her schedule. She will be touring between Bellingham and the San Francisco bay area. If you know anyone who many be interested in attending these events, please spread the word.

Independent artists only have the love of music to carry them through. It is more than just “making nice” to go see a grass roots performer, you are making history as the music comes back from corporate America to the people who love it.

I thank you for your kind attention and I hope you will get a chance to see Esther. I work in the evenings so she’s out there on here own, poor darling! …So if you are out and about and/or you fancy doing something interesting in the evening, do stop by and tell her hello.


Wed. October 17th8pm (open mic)

Wild Buffalo

208 W. Holly

Thur. October 18th 8pm (opening for the Can’t Hardly Playboys)

Green Frog Acoustic Tavern

902 State Street (near to Terra Barganica)

Fri. October 19th - 12pm (playing for the lunch bunch for an hour)

Old Town Café

316 W. Holly

Here is a sample of Esther’s music….