Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I.C.G.B.W.B.Y.C.G.* Look it's Danny Schmidt!

...I might write a bit about my jealousy of your having this Sunday night off but that is a given....Have I written enough about how great Danny Schmidt is? It is somewhat embarrassing....okay. I'm over it.

*I.C.G.B.W.B.Y.C.G. means: "I Can't Go Because of Work But You Can Go" and you would be a fool to miss this special early 6pm show on Sunday, May 9. To quote, James, the benevolent proprietor of the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern that is to host Danny Schmidt:

Sunday, May 9: Danny Schmidt, 6pm.

Okay, folks. Here is a treat. We are going to have to put the Slow Jam on the back burner this week, but it is for a really good reason. Danny Schmidt is one of the best songwriters in the country. No joke. This guy will tear your heart out, hold it in his hand, convince you to swallow it and it will magically start beating again right where it is supposed to be. You will not have any opportunity to have your own thoughts. You will not be able to move. He is that good. Take notice that the start time is really early, at 6pm. You don't want to miss this. I promise from the bottom of the heart that this man has made me swallow.

That's the word on the street via James. This being an early show allows a rare special treat to early Monday morning risers. Not only because you will be home at a comfortable hour but sweet dreams will enhance your week as you bask in the wake of being in the presence of Danny's talent on Sunday night. This is also Mother's Day. You may want to leave off giving the women in your life the embossed potholders and treat them to something you will BOTH enjoy...your heart with a beer chaser. This is a special treat. Don't miss it...and don't let anyone you love miss it either.

Those of you in the greater cyber-spacedance, here is a link to Danny's touring schedule. Join his email list. Don't miss the opportunity to see him play live, if you can help it.

Did I mention that I'm fond of Danny Schmidt's work?

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