Friday, July 13, 2007

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

I have to say one of the really great things about being able to read peoples feedback about these assignments is stumbling upon the one thing that makes the whole thing sing. That happened to me when I was reading the article in Positive Change blog. The article was by Stephen Abrams. He talks about all of these tremendous technical abilities that seem to be already hardwired into our young when they are born - among other things. At the bottom of his article, he listed the web sites of everything he was refering to.
It was here that I started using my spidey sense and one thing led to another until I found myself watching YouTube vidoes of a fellow named Torey teaching people how to make stuff in his Second Life world. I watched several clips (at home - no audio/video or time at work...sigh). Initially I was fascinated with Torey's enthusiasm for what he was doing. He cracked me up! Soon I realized, however, I had enough technical knowledge to actually figure out what he was doing! Then I kinda got jazzed! What if there was a Wilson Library in Second Life? For one thing it would be so new, every student would be on it like love itself - at least the gamers! No body was interested in having a virtual personality page on social sites just a few years ago except a few designers.
I predict all of these young people raised on Harry Potter fantasies would fall all over themselves eventually for a virtual library that had cool stuff in it. All the service desks could have alter personalities of wizards and gnomes or talking trees! It would be a hoot and, of course, the students could run through the library with their flags and what not. Students could come into the library as a guest personality or actually develop themselves an avatar and flounce around finding information! They could take their avatar to their social site and bring even more people to the library. They could meet them on a skybridge in Wilson Library that really WAS in the sky!
I am already designing my Second Life personality in my mind....I hope you enjoy Torey's tutorial as much as I did!

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